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Killer Full-Set Archive Now Up On Soundcloud

One of our best full sets of improvised, spacey, progressive jazz/fusion has been recently taken from our archives, mixed, mastered and posted online. It’s currently up on SoundCloud, and clocks in at just under two-hours. Much like our album release with Subversive Element, entitled "3 2 14", this set was named after the day it was performed, which was "6 15 14." It really was one of our best at the time.

For fans, enjoy this. The first half hour or so is moody, but the intensity seriously picks up. The feeling of our music is best described as fluid, circular and emotional experimentation, all prominent qualities in this performance. Have a go (below). It's currently a free download, until the day it's not anymore. High quality mp3.

(Also, if you have not liked our Facebook page yet, you might want to. We post a lot of little things there that don't make here to the website or blog, including occasional FB broadcasts/feeds live from our sessions. [We may even have another one coming up this Friday night.].)

Old line-up of players in this set:

Jim Goetcsh - sax and extra textures

Brock Bowers - drums

Dean De Benedictis - keyboards / synths

Daniel Coffeng - guitar and guitar synth

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