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Gifts: New Stratos Improv Set With Visualizer And Timelapse Accompaniment, And Free Download

Check out the latest music video on Youtube for the Stratos Ensemble: an entire improv set with accompanying iTunes visualizer and time laps landscapes behind it. It's a bit of an A/V oddyssee within 40 some odd minutes, filled with musical and visual textures o' plenty.

The band musically outdid themselves with this set, which seems to be their theme of evolution. If you would like a free copy of it (just the music), you can also download an mp3 of it on Soundcloud. A free gift. Like a few other of their newer sessions, this music will likely not be released on any album for minor reasons that range from technical to aesthetic delemmas. But the music is perfectly fine otherwise.

Here is the download link. Just click the download icon under the player to access the music.

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