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New Stratos Live Set Posted Up

The Stratos Ensemble recently held it's first live session with bass player Doug Lunn, and the entire recording is now posted on Youtube. This is the full live set, so it plays for the entire duration. It was recorded and mixed fairly professionally even though unmastered; sounds amazing having been recorded at a mere rehearsal studio. If you like ambient music, most forms of improvisational jazz/fusion, and/or spacerock, it's probably worth every minute. This is also the first time Coco Roussel (from Happy The Man and Michael Manring) has ever played with Doug (from The Firemerchants and Mark Isham). My favorite part is Daniel Coffeng's guitar solo, from 30:28 to 44:42, but the whole thing is cool. The imagery is only meant to be an accompanying video texture, but it's also cool (lol). I will post the music set as a free-download gift soon as well, so stay posted.


Coco Roussel - drums Daniel Coffeng - guitar and guitar synth Dean De Benedictis - keyboard/synth and embellishments Doug Lunn - fretless bass

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