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New Single Out - Our Album Preview

Four more days until the release of our long awaited LP Freeing Form, but in the meantime we have something of a preview up on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s a new single called "Dunn". Dunn is from the new LP, mastered a little differently at most. (click the image)

Dunn has been well received enough to make it on a couple of Spotify playlists, and apparently was even reviewed on a Mexican webzine called Rmas.

In regards to Freeing Form, our LP release this Friday, April 12:

It got listed in Jazziz Magazine, so take a look if you'd like a better idea of this album from the standpoint of the modern jazz world.

Lastly, make a note! This Thursday we will debut a new music video from one of the tracks on our new LP, exclusively on our Facebook page. Link below.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you on April 12th, in one place or another, for the release of Freeing Form!!!


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