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Follow Up To The Vaucluse Lounge Gig, on June 29th

As you can see, our gig at the Vaucluse Lounge - a bar that used to be Charlie Chaplin's mansion - was mission accomplished. We can't even discribe how much, but of course if you were there, you know. Thanks to the fans who attended! You deffinitely vocalized to us that it was worth your while. :) Apparently a few musicians even showed up who said they were so affected by it that they will probably even try to become fusion musicians, only having been singer/songwriters up until now. Score on that! They said they didn't know jazz/fusion could be like that.

Of course, if you weren't there, then we are letting you know off the bat that the part we can use a little more success on is actually audience turn out. We had a few fans there, but any lover of this genre is likely to be blown away by what we're doing, so under those circumstances there wasn't near enough fans. At this point we are one of LA's best kept secrets--against our will. ;-)) If you are in LA, please consider coming out to the next gig; we are so confident you won't regret coming that if you do regret it, you can write a bashing review of us on your own site or page and I will personally endorse it with a comment that says I do. ;-)) Hows that? Confident enough?

And luckily it looks like you/we will have another chance before long. Looks like we may be back at the Vaucluse Lounge before you know it, for a bigger event. This time the band may actually score a silent Charlie Chaplin film there... What!!!?? That is correct, we may be scoring a silent Chaplin film, live, in his own ex-mansion. That's an event, folks. Stay posted for more. We promise to let you know as soon as we have a date.

Meantime, look for one more entry about that last (first) gig at the Vaucluse on June 29th; this one will be a rough video clip of it, so you can see what you missed, or caught, depending.

And much props/respect/appreciation to Roarkyd for thowing down some sick innovative beats between sets, of which people loved just as much when the band came in over it and played to it!!! Awesome ideas won't cease!

Lastly, go to the Gallery page of this site and check out the photos of the Vaucluse gig. They came out well, taken by Lisa Mitterer and Yash Dillon.


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