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New Video! "My Broken Key" Full Track!

The Stratos Ensemble (The Dean De Benedictis Ensemble) improvising a piece together that features one of Dean's voice-sample solos. Brock Bowers - drums Carl Royce - bass & loops Daniel Coffeng - guitar & guitar synth Jim Goetsch (aka Subversive Element) - saxophone Dean De Benedictis (aka Surface 10) - keyboards & voice-sample solo Session recorded and filmed at Carl Royce's art studio, Arcadio CA. All music completely improvised. Music mixed and produced by Dean De Benedictis. Video production by Dean De Benedictis.

Filmed by George Sarah. The song in this video, "My Broken Key" part 1 and 2, can be currently found seperated on two different albums: "Touched 2" "3 2 14"

Later the song will be available in it's entirety on the next Stratos Ensemble release, in 2015. Stay posted here for announcements about that. And/or you can hear the song in it's entirety now online (without buying it), part 1 & 2, at the Fateless Flows Soundcloud page, until it is used on the next CD release:

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