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Update Since Our Last Gig

To those who tuned in for our live set on, thank you! We played a decent set, although there are still a few technical kinks to work out. For anyone who may have been put off by that, we appologize, but we ask that you trust us in our venture for perfection. If you started out liking this band, just stay posted to everything we do, and we guarentee you will end up loving this band.

And yes, as some of you guessed it, the venue PenthausLA had some live-set technicallities to fix also, however, legendary producer Adam Mosely recently joined they're team to lend a hand, so that is great for them.

Also, if you missed the Stillstream set by Stratos band leader and keyboardist Dean De Benedictis, which took place moments before the Stratos set, there is a clip of it available for free download, here.

Stay posted for more...

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