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After loads of last-minute production, we have finally released our first ever EP. It's called the Lahat EP. For anyone who might have been waiting or hoping for our full-length LP to come out, entitled A Brief History Of The Sky, we apologize for the delay on that. We'd like to assure you though, that the full-length album is still well-on-the-way. In the meantime, the Lahat EP is definitely an offering we consider just as significant. It is actually an extension of what A Brief History Of The Sky will serve as a continuation of, both albums being directly connected. The Lahat EP and the eventual full-length LP are both the ensemble’s best compiled moments over the last 6 years, all between 2013 and 2019. Lahat basically consists of pieces that won’t make it to the full-length album due to length restrictions, but the band still deems these pieces just as worthy of release and thus perfect for the Lahat EP. The word lahat means “everyone” in Filipino, which is the nationality of The Stratos Ensemble’s former violinist, who can be heard on the last song of this EP. Being a circulating band, the musicians who perform on each of these Stratos Ensemble's pieces shift according to what year and what recording each track showcases.

The Lahat EP is currently available on Bandcamp. Just click the image below. The album will also be available on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify and every major digital distributor within a week, possibly even a few days, all dependent on how long CDBaby takes to distribute. A full bio and in-depth track list for the Lahat EP can be read below the image link. But enjoy the Bandcamp release, and perhaps even take it more seriously than the other retailers. In our own experience Bandcamp seems to sell their music as a superior quality and with more file format varieties to choose from. The link and track-list is below.


1. Konke

[The word konke means “everything” in Zulu, so this song is a type of celestial gesture. It was a space-rock-style improvisation during the year 2016. The personnel on this recorded performance are: Coco Roussel (drums), Doug Lunn (bass), Dean De Benedictis (synths/keys), Daniel Coffeng (guitar).]

2. Balladictortionists

[This piece is from a long improvised vamp during a recording session in 2014. Later the drums were processed and the song was shortened in the editing. The personnel on this recorded performance are: Brock Bowers (drums), Dean De Benedictis (synths/keys), Daniel Coffeng (guitar), Carl Royce (bass), Jim Goetsch (sax/textures).]

3. Ode To Everyone

[Much like most of the Stratos Ensemble's pieces, this track is an excerpt from a much longer session and performance. It was a ballad-like moment at the end of a long improvisation in 2015. Some processing was added in post production. Ode To Everyone is named after the sorrow and empathy some spoke of feeling upon listening to the piece. The personnel on this recorded performance are: Shaunte Palmer (trombone), Dean De Benedictis (piano), Coco Roussel (synth), Rod McDowell (bass), Daniel Coffeng (guitar synth).]

4. Team Accident

[This is an extended excerpt from the band’s third improvisation at Clear Lake Studios, in 2019. Some minor processing was added in post production. Team Accident features the most current lineup of musicians in the Stratos Ensemble, which are comprised of: Brandon McGregor (guitar), Bob Gross (bass), Coco Roussel (drums/midi pads), Dean De Benedictis (piano/keyboards).]

5. Triality

[This piece was named after a conversation between Dean and his cousin, where the concept of duality was being discussed before she suggested the possibility of an actual triality in all things. Triality ties in with the 3 different lead solos featured in this track. The piece was improvised and recorded in 2013. Some processing was added in the post, and like most of the band's other pieces, this one is an excerpt taken from a much longer overall performance. Personnel on this recorded performance include: Brock Bowers (drums), Jim Goetsch (sax/textures/electric piano), Dean De Benedictis (synths/keyboards), Angelo Alonte (violin/12 string guitar), Kent Baxter (bass).]

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