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Perhaps We Are Too Generous

Perhaps we are clueless about marketing, and thus we are too nice, constantly giving away our new material for free in the spirit of art and in spite of proper compensation; or perhaps we are an underrated outfit that tries to leave our mark as effectively as possible in a seemingly impossible cultural construct; or perhaps we are just another one of the alleged insecure multitudes of countless aspiring recording artists out there, always trying to desperately push their music on people in the hope that listeners will remember anything they do at all. Well, regardless of what we are, or how folks perceive us, we actually like to think of ourselves as a combination of all of it, and then-some, the same way most active artists in this world are--anomalies.

We would love to put everything we do on our official Stratos Ensemble albums, sure. However, unfortunately albums usually require far more work than simply just creating music, and they also require far more artistic discrimination. Who wants to wait for that? Not us. And we don't believe you should have to wait either, especially not you. The truth is, the Stratos Ensemble has far more great music than we know what to do with, because that's what we do. We are artists, and very active ones, especially as a group like ours. So, giving away many of our extra tracks is more of a natural symptom of us existing than anything else. Enjoy it, as much as you can, or as much as you care to. That's why we are here, and that's how we are here for you.

And on that note, here is another newly mixed track, presented as a giveaway, and compliments of the Stratos Ensemble. It's a high quality mp3, so just click the picture for the Soundcloud link. You can download it, or just listen, whichever you choose. Some of us think it's hard to believe that we aren't planning to put this particular track on an album--so we may yet. That will remain to be seen.

As always, it's all improvised.

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