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New Free Stratos Track For You And Update

Indeed it's time for another giveaway.

This one is a full piece of music called "catching up to Never" that was recently mixed and resurrected from our 2014 line up. It's a powerful ambient fusion piece with just the right amount of sorrow and hope flirting throughout. As always, it was completely improvised. A shortened version of it may be included on our next album, so enjoy this exclusive. Click the image below and visit the link to download the track; high quality mp3.


Aside from this new free track, Dean has been hard at work filming in the mountains, as he does every Summer, but he will be returning home soon and as always more activity from us will follow suit. Also yes, we will be performing live again towards the later part of the year, so be sure to watch for updates on that before long. In the meantime, look for plenty more works from us, especially online, such as this giveaway. It will only get more and more potent, so your patience and attention will continue to be rewarded, and appreciated!

catching up to Never...

bass - Carl Royce drums - Brock Bowers guitar - Daniel Coffeng keys/synth - Dean De Benedictis sax & textures - Jim Goetsch

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