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New 4-Hour Mix Of Ambient Progressive Jazz, Including TSE

This is a new DJ mix set of what we consider the best examples of millennial alternative electric jazz bands and artists. We've included The Stratos Ensemble in this set because, aside from the fact that we formed after the turn of the millennium, the mix is intended to represent most of the current alternative electric jazz world in particular. That specific world is still something very rare and depleted, so we felt we could afford to be as thorough as possible on this mix, which would of course involve our own music as well. It's unfortunate, but our band is actually one of the very few currently making this type of music. In some ways, it's probably still a little too cutting edge to catch on easily, we assume. However, we do believe that this will change--eventually.

All artists heard in this mix specialize in fusion and/or progressive jazz, but with an electronic-ambient and sometimes experimental influence. We still believe this to be the music of the future, whether that's a distant future or a close one. To put it another way, if the world were a place where bands like The Stratos Ensemble were considered mainstream pop culture, we believe that world would sound a lot like this mix. And we hope and assume that this metaphor will actually come true someday, in some form.

The mix is a 4-hour, stylistic excursion into textural-yet-exhibitionistic ideas, and it randomly covers the last 17 years. If you like adventurous jazz or adventurous instrumental genres, you may find this mix useful for just about any occasion. It's designed to be thought provoking, gentle and emotional yet complex and aggressive at just the right moments. You will find many peaks and valleys here. You can listen to it closely for entertainment purposes, or simply leave it on in the background for hours of uniquely sophisticated mood setting.

The mix is only temporarily available for download. To download it, go to the Fateless Flows Soundcloud page (click the image below), and then click the download icon under the player:

(Image by Ellen Jantzen)


(:00) Jack Lion (4:20) Ergo (9:47) The Ambient Jazz Ensemble (13:17) Alfa Mist (18:14) Koplant No (25:53) The Cinematic Orchestra (34:54) The Great Harry Hilman (40:30) The Mt. Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (45:47) Christian Scott (49:52) Naima (54:41) Tigran Hamasyan (59:56) Pixel (1:04:47) The Kilimangaro Darkjazz Ensemble (1:12:21) The Ambient Jazz Ensemble (1:16:29) Kneebody vs. Daedelus (1:22:37) Jack Lion (1:27:06) Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones (1:32:04) Alfa Mist (1:39:26) Swami LatePlate (1:48:13) The Stratos Ensemble (1:55:40) Food (Thomas Strønen, Iain Ballamy & Dave McKean) (2:00:01) The Kilimangaro Darkjazz Ensemble (2:07:47) The Submotion Orchestra (2:13:02) Koplant No (2:17:33) Jaga Jazzist (2:26:03) Tigran Hamasyan (2:31:57) Kneebody (2:36:43) Bad Bad Not Good (2:43:42) The Cinematic Orchestra (2:51:42) The Stratos Ensemble (2:57:46) Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld (3:02:50) Bohren & der Club of Gore (3:08:10) Post Image (3:19:00) Mehliana (Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana) (3:26:05) Christian Scott (3:31:46) Poademonio (3:42:55) The Submotion Orchestra (3:46:27) Surface 10 (3:54:19) Oneohtrix Point Never

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