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Stratos Ensemble Full Live Set GIVEAWAY

Big giveaway right now: a temporary free download of our first concert at the E Spot Lounge in North Hollywood.

It's peaks and valleys, and occasionally wacky experiments were diverse even for us. Much of it won't be made available on any future album. However, there is a small chance this recording will be released as an album of it's own; if so, much of it will still be removed in order to make room on the album, so enjoy this full set while it's still available. Go to the SC link and click the button under the player to download.

It can be found here:

PLAYERS: Coco Roussel - drums Rod McDowell - bass Jim Goetsch - sax, synth textures Dave Boswell - guitar, guitar synth Brian De Benedictis (B1) - spoken word Dean De Benedictis - piano, keys, synth textures, vocals, flute, melodica, production

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