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Stratos Ensemble EPK and Documentary

Dean recently finished creating an EPK / short-documentary about the Stratos Ensemble, taking place mostly during production and release of the album Accident At Clear Lake. The late bassist Doug Lunn was still in the band at that time, so this documentary is a farewell to that particular phase of the ensemble, and to some degree, it serves as an homage to Doug as well.

But all of our current players in the ensemble, as well as their music, can also be found in this video, popping up at random times: including Coco Roussel, Rod McDowell, Dave Boswell and Jim Goetsch.

Enjoy it; the video is somewhat of an odyssey and it reveals a lot about the philosophy behind our band. The film has been uploaded to Youtube as well as Vimeo (for those who prefer a better quality than Youtube).

Stratos full EPK on Vimeo:

Stratos full EPK On Youtube

Full EPK:

Short EPK:

Additionally, we recently uploaded some behind-the-scenes photos of the band during our Accident At Clear Lake phase. They can be found on the Gallery page, at the bellow link. In the photos are: Daniel Coffeng, Brock Avery, Doug Lunn, and Dean De Benedictis. You can find the photos at the top as the most recent posts on that page, at least, until we upload more. ;)

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