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New Stratos Mix Set On Youtube

There is a new video on Youtube, comprised of unreleased Stratos material and a variety of accompanying video textures. It's a great mix set and a good listen, if you're into our sort of thing...

Go and check it out at the following link: The compiled music spans between years 2013-15, and as always, it is %99 improvised, regardless of it's in-depth post production. It has been available for free download on the Fateless Flows Soundcloud page for roughly the last 4 years, and at the moment, it's still there. The tracks are scattered throughout the page playlist in between other artists. FF Soundcloud page: Stratos musicians who can be heard playing in this compilation set are: Rod McDowell - bass Carl Royce - upright bass Coco Roussel: drums and drum pads Daniel Coffeng - guitar and guitar synth Brock Bowers - drums Jim Goetsch - sax, synth textures and occasional keys Doug Lunn - bass Anjelo Elonte - violin and 12 string guitar Kent Baxter - upright bass Dean De Benedictis - piano, synths/keys, found sounds and production

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