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Follow-up To Our Gig At Alva's Showroom Last Saturday

Our gig last Saturday actually ranks up there with some of our best performed sets ever, and the audience loved the confluence between the video art and our improvisation. Score that. 😎 Yep if you missed it you definitely missed it.

Additionally, there was a technicality during the commotion of the event, and unfortunately the set was not recorded. All of that great music we made on the spot is gone forever, only to be a glimmer in the minds of those who attended. This again is one of the reasons to attend a Stratos Ensemble gig in person. The music is a one time deal, and the musicians I have found for this band make it all worthwhile, according to people who attended. If you know any of these people, feel free to ask them.

We had a little more than half the house, which is good. And yes, we will be doing it again before too long. This is a new resolve.

Also, and just as importantly: for those who showed up on time and had to wait for our delayed set, please excuse that. This was our first big multi media event, ever. But we know the drill now, and these delays are not likely to happen again in the future. And for anyone who was really upset about this delay last Saturday, we would like to offer you a free CD; if you contact me, Dean De Benedictis, or send an email to any of the Stratos Ensemble site pages, you can have a short conversation with us and then we will be happy to mail you a physical CD to make up for your troubles that night. Feel free to take us up on the offer.

Below are some shots that our friends took at the event. More shots may be posted soon.

We will also be doing a montage of excerpts from the concert, but it will be very short because of the poor audio quality. The only audio that was recorded of the entire concert was through the camera microphones, which as you may know are pretty bad. But it was a great performance and the audience loved it and because of these facts we will indeed be playing a multi media event again before long. Stay posted for all things Stratos-Ensemble-based from here on out.

Lastly, for anyone who might have been curious about the fact that bass player Doug Lunn did not play the KXLU gig or the Alva's gig, please excuse that, too. Unfortunately Doug had a medical emergency at the last minute so he could not join us. But he will likely join us again soon, the moment he is better. And also, we feel our circulating bass player Rod McDowell did an amazing job filling in for Doug, so Rod may join the frey a lot more often from now on as well. That's the beauty of the Stratos Ensemble; there's always plenty of room for all of it's circulating members.

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