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Live On KXLU - September 11th!


Futuristic ambient space fusion band The Stratos Ensemble will be playing live on radio station KXLU, September 11th, at 9pm, to help promote their performance at Alva's Showroom coming up on September 17th.

For the radio performance, you will be able to tune in either online, or on fm radio in LA.

The radio performance will also be a special one; it will involve a simulcast with computer animation artist J-Walt. J-Walt will be performing LIVE computer animation on Youtube to accompany the band while they perform live at the station. That night, you can either tune in to the radio broadcast, or tune in to the Youtube video cast stream, or both! It will be a multi-teared, multi-media broadcast of visuals and technology and musicianship, and still only a taste of what's to come later at Alva's Showroom on the 17th.

Again: the radio broadcast is September 11th, at 9pm, on KXLU 88.9 fm in Los Angeles (or on for the International Internet stream). The Youtube live-stream to catch our visual presentation of the performance will be given shortly. Check back here periodically over the next week or so for that update.

Read more about digital artist and inventor J-Walt at his website:

For the live radio stream on KXLU:

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