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Huge Live Event For The Ensemble

(Note: this post is not up to date)

It's official: The Stratos Ensemble will be performing a notable multi media event this August!

On August 27th, at Alvas Showroom in San Padro, The Stratos Ensemble will perform live, both as a band and a multi-media production. The ensemble will play their special brand of electronic-music-combined-with-jazz-fusion impressions, while video art is shown on a big screen behind them. Yes, it's as good as it sounds, and better. The band will actually play not one, but two sets of music that night, for those who are either late or happen to be hardcore fans.

The entire performance will also be filmed and later edited as an entire music video production online.

This is going to be a significant performance event, so it's well worth the admission. Few fusion bands and/or fusion curators have attempted this type of multi media production during performances.

The price of admission that night will be $20, the same price of a movie date or a cheap dinner date, except that we guarantee this event will have at least 3 times more impact, no matter what kind of music you prefer. Look up Youtube videos by The Stratos Ensemble if you would like an example.

Don't neglect to mark this event down and remember it. It's two months away--plenty of time to meditate on it's actuality and it's ramifications.

The website and Stratos roster page for Alvas:

Line-up of musicians that night (not including special guests):

Doug Lunn - bass

Daniel Coffeng - guitar and guitar synth

Dean De Benedictis - keyboards and electronic sources

Brock Avery - drums

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