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Collaborative CD with Subversive Element Out Now On Psychosomatic Rec

As the title suggests, we recently did an album with electro-jazz experimental artist Subversive Element, which was released on his small label Psychosomatic Rec. Once a thriving part of the LA electrinica scene, Psychosomatic Records released albums by LA ambient artists like Mr. Soon and Cavestar. The new Stratos collaborative album is in good company.

Subversive Element is actually the alias for solo works by Jim Goetsch, saxiphonist for The Stratos Ensemble. He has often released his own brand of minimal electro-ambient jazz under that alias. For the new album, "3 2 14" by Subversive Element And The Stratos Ensemble, saxiphonist Jim Goetsch (also Subversive Element) talked the band into letting him mix and edit one of their recorded jam sessions as though the project were his own. Even though the end result was not exactly how the band would collectively produce and mix themselves, "3 2 14" was a great project in a different way, so they decided to release it as a collaborative album.

To hear this new album or purchase copies, go to it's CDBaby page:

To visit the album's dedicated page on the Psychosomatic Records website, go here:

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