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Update - Yes We Are Very Much Alive And We Have The Proof

We know it's been a minute since we last reported activity anywhere other than our FB page and IG page, so we wanted to keep you all in the loop now. As you know, ever since the pandemic began, many projects and even organizations were thrown off course and even disbanded. Luckily The Stratos Ensemble survived as a band, but still, our pace was somewhat effected. Just before the pandemic, we lost more players also, which contributed to the delays. Only over the last six months have we finally been able to maintain steady rehearsals again, which is super great news indeed, but in a way we are also just getting started with resurrecting our performance. This might take plenty more time, and it's hard to say how much, but in the meantime we don't plan on leaving you guys empty handed at all. Another album will arrive before long and in the meantime are things like this (below). It's kind of obvious to us how much we've already improved over that last half year, so we decided to share some of this improvement with you in the form of rough video excerpts from said jam sessions. It starts with a few clips from our most recent session and goes back a little from there. Also, that first and most recent jam happened to be a tracking session, our first one in over 4 years, so a part of it might be on our next album. A possible new guitarist auditioned for us that day as well, so we may have a new member again soon. We kind of feel bad that he isn't really seen in these clips but we'll make up for it later if he joins. Other than that, hey man, we hope you enjoy the %100 improvised aperitif.

More before long.


STRATOS ENSEMBLE REHEARSAL MOMENTS SPRING 2022 - Players: Robert Gross (bass), Nichole Michelle Jones (vocals), Coco Roussel (drums, perc, synth), Dean De Benedictis (keyboards, main synths), TJ (guitar)


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