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The Sin Embargo EP, Our Last One of the Year - Now Out!

Our new EP, entitled Sin Embargo, is now up and available on Bandcamp. We wanted to keep our promise to release this EP today, even if it's a little late in the day. A lot of effort went into this little production, so we're just happy we could finish it by the promised date in general. The EP will soon be available everywhere else online as well, and we'll let you know as soon as that happens. This marks the last Stratos Ensemble album and EP of 2022. Until our next news update, we hope you find the album well, and we hope you have a meaningful Winter season. -TSE

For more information on the Sin Embargo EP and/or to read lists of players on it's tracks, visit the album page on Bandcamp by clicking the cover art at the bottom of this post.

Cover photo by Claire Raymond

Illustration be DDB


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