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Standing Up For Improvised Music

Hello Stratos fans. The year will start back up again shortly for the Stratos Ensemble (rehearsals, content, occasional broadcasts and the like). We promise that you will know it whenever this begins. In the meantime however, you may want to continue acquainting yourselves with more of our previously shared content online, such as this video bit that was posted on Dean De Benedictis's YT channel of footage extras. It's basically a brief verbal address/lecture that Dean gives in regards to improvised music and why he values it. This spot was originally an outtake from our video EPK for our album Accident At Clearlake, in 2016. Originally, Dean had these portions of his interview left out because he thought they might offend people, but recently he decided that some of what was said make the entire spot worthy enough to share. In it, Dean essentially defends musicians and bands like ours, ones who specialize in improvised music, long-form music and experimental music. Apparently improvised music is still sometimes under attack out there somehow, even by occasionally misguided impressions in the mainstream, so Dean is basically answering all of that. We stand by him on this thought. See/hear what he has to say.


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