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Spring 23 Update and Announcement

Please excuse the slight lag time between now and our last blog update. Even though this is indeed a band, most-if-not-all of the work falls on a single manager / producer. Sometimes certain platforms are accidentally neglected. We made this announcement on Facebook a month or so ago, so now we're making it here too.

After consulting a couple of specialists earlier in the season, we began to realize that releasing a whole double album right now, after many years of no single LPs, would be like shooting ourselves in the marketing foot. The double album will be intended mainly to honor old band members, so it isn’t even that current, not to mention how cumbersome it will be to market that much music. Don’t get us wrong; the double LP will be super great when it’s released, but at the moment, it's actually a better time for something else.

Using a little bit of the same music that was scheduled to be on the double LP, we are now in production to finish our first single LP in years, featuring mostly our newest and most current music. We will do this before releasing absolutely anything else. We’ve already been hustling on production, and we even completed a few of the mixes already. Time flies when you're truly inspired.

We still have the rest of the LP ahead, however, so we can’t make promises about deadlines yet. We simply assure you that we're well into production, at a great pace. Big thanks to any-and-all remaining fans for their truly invaluable patience and support, past, present and future. We're also giving away our first rough mix of a track from the coming LP. It's currently on Soundcloud and will be available for download anywhere from 3 weeks to the time of the album release. The track is currently entitled "We Hope AI Will Have Moments Like This (Travel For Love Alt)". That title may change later, and the final draft of this cut will indeed be somewhat different.

The Soundcloud link is below. Enjoy, and we look forward to updating you again soon.


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