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Revisiting A Great Stratos Archive

There is a powerful, archived full set we performed back in the day with an old Stratos Ensemble lineup of musicians, on the date 6/15/14. We once resurrected this set by giving it a rough mix job and posting it on Soundcloud. Recently, we decided to perfect the mix one last time, and now it's perfect. We are not only making it available on Soundcloud but we've also turned it into a still-image video purely for listening on Youtube. There is indeed some slight motion in the Youtube image, but you will see what we mean if you check it out. You now have it on Youtube and we've even enabled it for temporary free download on Soundcloud if you prefer owning a high-quality mp3 copy. Grab it while it's enabled if so. The set will be disabled for download soon, until the day when we ever decide to package and sell it as an album sometime much later. Either way, however, it will now be permanently available for online listening at the very least, so enjoy.

YouTube Listening Video:

Soundcloud File For Listening And Temporary Free Download:


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