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Our First Blog Report of 2023 - Two Developments of Note

Firstly, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new, dedicated Instagram page, which we will no longer be sharing with Stratos founder Dean De Benedictis.

Dean is a long-time solo recording artist in his own right, so his IG page will now be updated only for his content, and ours will be updated only for Stratos Ensemble content. The Stratos Ensemble has no shortage of both inclusive and exclusive sharing material planned for the future. Please visit and follow us on our new IG page by clicking the image below.

Secondly, just a mention:

In case you didn't get the previous news from our Facebook page, full digital distribution for our latest album, the sin embargo EP, finally completed just before 2022 ended. Apologies for the production and distribution delays on that. So indeed, the Sin Embargo EP is now available pretty much anywhere online that you can think of or prefer, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and all the others. We thought we should mention this to you on our site, at least once. Some of those links are below. Let's all have an amazing year! More to come.


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