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No History Yet EP - OUT NOW!

Our latest EP, entitled No History Yet, is now available for purchase on Bandcamp.

All previous advertisements and posts for the album's complimentary, 3-day free period have been either changed or taken down. However, there are perks to now buying the album on Bandcamp as apposed to grabbing it there when it was free, perks such as an ever-so-slightly-more-refined work, and digital bonus items like photos and a video that now comes with the full album sale.

At the moment we await full digital distro for the album too, so once they approve, and it goes up, we'll include that info here on this same blog post, so mark the page if you can. In the meantime indeed Bandcamp is pretty great.

Our next and final EP this year, entitled the sin embargo EP, will be released this coming December 9th.

We hope you find these next two EPs redeeming. Thank you for staying updated with us and for baring with all of our past delays!

(Click the below cover-art to reach the Bandcamp link.)


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