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New Music Video For A Piece We Call "Team Hack"

We just recently cranked out a new Stratos Ensemble music video, which is now posted on the Fateless Flows YouTube channel. This music and footage is an excerpt from our last recording session at Clear Lake Studios (Clearlake 3), which took place in early 2019. We call the piece "Team Hack." Team Hack might also be officially released before long. More on that, soon.

Stratos musician line-up in this particular video and piece:

Robert Gross - bass

Brandon McGregor - guitar

Coco Roussel - drums (and atmospheric synth at the end)

Dean De Benedictis - synths, piano (and production)

Technical backstory:

Three of the six cameras that were set up for this recording session ended up not working (FYI they were actually GoPros), so we made this music video using only the three camera angles that remained. As you may know, The Stratos Ensemble makes music that is completely improvised, so our footage is just as irreplaceable as the music is, and we must always make due with whatever's left of both. We believe we pulled off a decent final production of Team Hack, but you are always welcome to drop a comment below the video on YouTube and let us know how you think we did. Also, if you like Stratos Ensemble music videos, please click the "subscribe" button on the Fateless Flows YouTube channel and get updates whenever we have a new video up. Most of The Stratos Ensemble's official videos get posted on that YouTube channel.


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