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New Full Set! New Direction!

Stratos fans: We recently finished mixing the tracked recording of our last performed set together, last June in Van Nuys. At the moment, the session is simply called--June 2022 Session, since it was our only one that month and was actually our first one in years. The mix took a while but we believe it was worth the production effort. This particular set is somewhat of a new direction for us, lush and darker, which may or may not be permanent. You know how we like to ebb-and-flow with these things. As always, the music is %100 improvised, aside from post effects and minor editing. We have yet to choose which parts of it will be included on any of our future albums, but at least some of it is guaranteed to be on something. In the meantime though, indeed the set's entirety is now public on SoundCloud, a little over an hour in total. Enjoy, and feel free to download it while that's temporarily enabled. We usually disable downloads after roughly 2 or 3 of them occur. Be one of the lucky first few!

More soon.

Musicians in this set:

Robert Gross - bass

Nichole Michelle Jones - vocals

Coco Roussel - drums, electronic percussion, additional synth

Dean De Benedictis - synths, keyboards, soundscapes, production

Special guest TJ - guitar


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