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A New Type Of Gallery On Our Gallery Page

We've added a new section on the gallery page of our website here, below the photo section. Now, when you visit our gallery page, you can still see our group photos at the top, but then when you scroll below that you will see a gallery section of short-and-rough video clips from our jam sessions and rehearsals. After a while, we realized it was kind of sad that the browsers of our website never get to see all of the great in-between-moments type of content that we post on our social networks, so we decided to start bringing more here. We feel these moments are definitely worth sharing, rough or not. We've had irreplaceable things happen during those jam sessions, being improvised in nature, and we will continue to when things get going again. But even before that, we will continue adding more cool clips to this new gallery section, from previous sessions, as we discover them in our archives. Check out the ones we've isolated already at the bottom of our GALLERY PAGE, or click the image at the bottom of this post to get there. We've included a session clip in this post as an example also, below. Thank you for all/any of your support. We value our audience.


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