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Making Up For A Lost Time

This is a temporary free gift for our website subscribers and our supportive listeners on Soundcloud. You are hearing about it first, right here through the Stratos Ensemble website blog. The gift is a full recorded performance of our edgy, improvised, ambient/modern jazz/experimental/fusion that took place in early 2019 at Clear Lake Studios, CA. It was our 3rd-ever recording session at Clear Lake, and was intended as an Internet broadcast. For various technical reasons, the broadcast ended up fairly botched, even though the performance was fine, so we are now attempting to make up for this by giving away our full set of music that day as a high-quality mp3 and as it was intended to be heard--decently mixed and mastered. Most if not all of the music heard in this recording will not be included on any of our future albums. We often get together and record for the main purpose of adding material to our collection, and for no other reason. Eventually yes, we compile parts of this collection together for album releases, but it's a huge collection, so much of it still gets left out, no matter how great it is. So, enjoy this full unreleased set, and download it while you can. We enable and disable downloads at random online, and we don't plan on keeping this one enabled for long. Just click the picture below to be taken to the Soundcloud player and the download button.

Stay safe!


Coco Roussel - drums

Bob Gross - bass

Brandon McGregor - guitar

Dean De Benedictis - keys

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