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An Intriguing Internet DJ And Stratos Fan

There is a cool and interesting Internet radio DJ who’s been playing music by the Stratos Ensemble fairly regularly. His name is Guy Guden, and his show is called Space Pirate Radio. The show kind of melds newer and older progressive and electronic instrumental music with a retro sci-fi-ish aesthetic. Apparently, both Guy and Space Pirate Radio began on the FM dial a long time ago, so he's fairly experienced at the program's format, which also adds to it's classic feel. In this current age of Pandora and Spotify, and all of the human-removed algorithmic playlists, we think Guy's show is pretty refreshing and cool and funky, in our humble and funky opinion. It's sometimes rare to find DJs who are this experimental while still maintaining quality-control standards, and of course who are insightful enough to be quite this supportive of The Stratos Ensemble. So we always relish the likes of Guy. Space Pirate Radio goes on all night, starting late Friday nights and Sunday nights from midnight to 6am, on If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual alternative, bookmark the following link, stick a proverbial memo pad on your screen, and check out Space Pirate Radio this weekend. Just click the picture below to be taken to his program page where he eventually broadcasts. You don't have to join Twitch to hear it.

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