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Performing Again--This April!

Fans in LA who have been waiting for us to perform again will be happy to know that we are scheduled to return to the stage this April 23rd, 2020. We will play two 1-hour sets, starting at around 8pm and going until around 11pm. The gig will be in Sunland CA, at a small, strange, yet fairly pioneering venue called Sun Space. This venue features very unusual acts and talents, and we are happy to be a part of it's program. It will be our first public performance in 2 years. Please mark your calendars and consider coming out for this rare occasion. And hey, indeed we are a band who was voted part of the top 15 must-see bands in LA a couple of years ago, but who still rarely ever appear publicly. We are working on the rare-appearance part, but in the meantime, this appearance in April is on the books! Will will post about it here at least one more time before the gig. The website for Sun Space is linked to the photo below, as well as their Facebook page here.

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