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Our First Concert Video

Dean recently finished cutting together one of our tracks from one of our most recent performances. It's the first live-venue video of us, for a Miles-Davis-inspired vamp we played the last time we performed together at the E Spot Lounge. The show was a full media production.

(Reminder: even though the Stratos Ensemble was recently voted by Clickit Ticket as one of the top 15 bands in LA to see live, it is very rare when we perform publicly. If you would like to see us live, it is always best take note the next time you see our announcements of another approaching performance.)

Chapter 1 - "Dangle"


Dave Boswell - guitar / guitar synth

Coco Roussel - drums

Frescia Belmar - bass

Jim Goetsch - sax / effects

Dean De Benedictis - keyboards / synths / piano

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