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Regarding Our 2nd Recording Session At Clear Lake Studios

For those of you who tend to stay posted to our Facebook page, you may have noticed the posts about us recording yet again at Clear Lake Studios last week. We also attempted to broadcast the session on that same FB page using Facebook's live feed. Well... unfortunately that feed didn't work, whoops, and for this we apologize. However, we plan on making up for the debacle by giving you something even better. In a matter of days, we will be finishing a well done video of at least half of that same session, and then we will post it for you all to check out. This will be much better than the live feed broadcast, because the live feed would have been just one iPhone camera angle and the iPhone microphone for audio. Now the video will be multiple angles and terrific sound. In addition, we will be giving away the music for a temporary amount of time, starting with this free track. This is the opening track from that same Clear Lake session, and it will not be included on the video. So, enjoy our specific brand of psychedelic experimental jazz at the provided link. And feel free to download it while it's still up by clicking the download button under the player. More on the completed video very soon!

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