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We Made A Top-15 List

A decent ticket-buying website made a list of their top 15 must-see bands in Los Angeles, and The Stratos Ensemble is in there! If you scroll down, we are in the lower half of the page. Read that, and the opening at the top.

If you haven't seen us live yet... bear in mind that we rarely perform in public, so the next time you see us could be the last time for a while. You never know. There are even rumors (among us) that we may not be performing again until Autumn of 2018. This not for certain, because we're itching to get back out there soon for you guys, but long postponements are never a surprise for us either. Everything we do is created and planned with ample amounts of quality control, so turning what is essentially just a jam session into a remarkable form of ambient/jazz/fusion/space-rock is never a simple endeavor. Try your best to catch us the next time we play out somewhere. We will make it worth your while!

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