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Our Music On Youtube

On Youtube you will find a variety of our works as The Stratos Ensemble. One type of work you will notice there is our full sets of performed studio music with only a still image in the frame. That still image indicates that the audio is the main focus, and the video was posted mainly for listening. We have a few of those full music sets up on YT, so we have compiled them for you here, below, for your enjoyment and perusal. Feel free to let their mood wash over your environment as gracefully and texturally as they were intended to. As we said, there are only a few of these music sets currently up on YT, but there will be more before long. It's also important to remember that most of the music in these full sets is not on any of our official albums, and it may never be. The Stratos Ensemble has made quite a lot of music during our short lifespan, so, much of it will continue to be shared with the public in this easy-access form--unofficially on websites like Youtube.

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