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DJ Roarkyd to Spin At Feb 21 Performance and CD Release Party

It's been a while since DJ Roarkyd last joined The Stratos Ensemble for a live performance. Luckily, the stars have aligned again and DJ Roarkyd will be able to spin for us at our event on February 21st. The Stratos Ensemble sometimes plays at Roarkyd's music collective event Silent Era, so he has worked with us plenty of times in the past. We hope this coming event at the E Spot will be a new habit for him. DJ Roarkyd will be spinning an hour set of enigmatic indie downtempo music, from 7-8pm, gearing the crowd up for The Stratos Ensemble at 8. Be sure to show up early enough to catch his set.

Honestly, as an artist, we cannot say enough about DJ Roarkyd. He is one of the most refined and well-balanced multi media artists we know (music, film, writing and photography) by trade.

If you take just a brief moment to surf his website, which reps his many works, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the things you may find. He's one of LA's best kept secrets as far as we're concerned.

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