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Multi-Media Performance And CD Release Party On February 21st

The Stratos Ensemble will perform a set of music once again at the E Spot Lounge in North Hollywood, this time as a comprehensive multi-media event celebrating the release of their new album, Accident At Clear Lake.

Unlike the last event, only partially multi-media with dancers and performance art, this full media event will also include projected animations and video art. Slam poet B1 (Brian) will join us again, as well as dancers from the Venice DC Company. It will be a full set of ambient/jazz/electro/spacerock, accompanied by cinema, dancing, poetry, and the usual ethereal cover ballad or two.

Our new album, Accident At Clear Lake, will be released on the day of the event, and will be available online for purchase both physically and digitally.

The E Spot Lounge is a jazz theater, located upstairs at Vitello's restaurant in North Hollywood.

The Stratos Ensemble's set will run from 8pm-9:45pm prompt.

The line-up of musicians performing that night will be:

Coco Roussel (drums and electronic drum pads)

Jim Goetsch (sax, texture synths)

Dave Boswell (guitar & guitar synth)

Dean De Benedictis (piano, synths, embellishments, flute, melodica, acoustic guitar and vocals)

Also, spinning indie downtempo music that night before the live Stratos set will be DJ Roarkyd. Look him up.

The entire event will also be a dedication to Doug Lunn, the bassist on Accident At Clear Lake who recently passed away.

Tickets can be purchased cheaper in advance ($5) at the following link. Just scroll down the page and locate The Stratos Ensemble on Feb 21st.

Also, if you happened to show up at our Alva's Showroom gig last October, all you have to do is tell a concessionaire or a band member about it at the E Spot on Feb 21st and you will receive a free copy of the Ensemble's last album, entitled "3/2/14" (titled after the date it was made).

For additional Vitello's Restuarant info:

Flyer images by Marcin Majkowski

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