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Dean's New Album Featuring Stratos Members

Dean's new electronic-ambient music album, Salvaging The Present, was released today on Spotted Peccary Music. It features a couple of Stratos Ensemble members, as well as bassist Percy Jones and native flutist D'Von Charley.

You can find it for sale at the below link, as well as many online outlets of your choice.

Musicians who performed on this album, aside from Dean, are: Alexey Gorokholinsky (clarinet), Percy Jones (bass), Peter Ludwig - aka Mystic Pete (cello), Lisa Claire Mitterer (vocals), D'von Charley (native flute, buffalo drum and voice), Jim Goetsch - aka Subversive Element (sax), Angelo Alonte (violin)

Cover design and imagery by Claire Raymond Photography Graphics and final layout by Daniel Pipitone Inner sleeve concept by Dean De Benedictis

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