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New Circulating Drummer - Coco Roussel

The news is news:

We recently took on a couple of new circulating players in The Stratos Ensemble. It's confirmed that among them, Coco Roussel, ex-drummer for legendary progressive 70s bands Happy The Man, Kit Watkins, Heldon, and Michael Manring, has now joined up as one of the circulating drummers. He will now play gigs and recordings similar doing shifts, and with a couple of other drummers in the band.

Dean already held some great recording sessions with Coco and the ensemble, as well as spent some extra time doing excellent one-on-one duo material with him. More on that soon.

Meantime, to get an idea of the kind of drummer Coco Roussel is, listen to the music on this Youtube spot below. Someone recently posted a piece from Kit Watkins' solo album Labyrinth, which Coco played all of the drums on. This is a classic album among progressive rock fans who's tastes were a little more refined. Before the album Labyrinth, and a long solo-artist career that Coco was also heavily involved with, Kit Watkins was in the progressive rock band Happy The Man, where he starred as the main lead keyboard player. Kit, and his works like Labyrinth, are the reason Stratos Ensemble founder Dean De Benedictis decided to become a synth player at all. It is a deep honor to have Coco Roussel in the band.

Also, here is the Stratos Ensemble FB page:

Stay posted for some unreleased material with Coco available soon.

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