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Update On Our Live-Gigs

Our apologies for the lack of booked live performance dates. The ensemble has been experiencing changes again with it's circulating members and this sometimes slows things down a little. May take a momentary period for us to get back on track but don't worry, it always happens. Live performance is basically what this band is about.

And we're still rehearsing a lot and growing artistically even now, so when we start gigging again, it will be in full form and we will likely sound better than ever.

Just as importantly, we are still busy at work on production for the next full-length album, as well as a couple more music videos and new free-song giveways. :) All coming up soon. Yes, we will have gifts for you to show our appreciation for your support during these first phases of the band. So even though you may have to wait a little longer to sample our stupendous live work (haha), you will keep getting worthy samples of our productions here and online in general. They are just as significant in a "non-live" kind-of way, so look for that.

Also, if you like what you see-and-hear online, please do us all a favor and pass that content on to anyone whom you think might understand this kind of music. Share ahoy! All of us will only look better for it. And yes, we are growing artistically, so there will be more to share soon that is unlike anything you've shared from us previously.

Keep checking back here periodically. And thanx for your support guys! (big thumbs up on that)

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