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Our Gift Offering

As a tolken of our gratitude, for any and all fans who tuned into our Stillstream broadcast the other day, we are giving away one of our tracks for free download. The studio company we were performing in during our broadcast, called SheTech, is a brand new one, so technical difficulties prevented us from being able to broadcast a decent signal. But asside from that, the actual music set we played in person was our best to date. Those who were at the party in person felt the effects of it, and they were all smiles. It was a breakthrough for the Stratos Ensemble creatively, we only wish the rest of you had been there to hear it, or had a chance to hear a decent broadcast.

Much like SheTech studios, we are essentially a brand new band with a new line-up after almost 10 years of innactivity. We ask that you please bear with any technical imperfections we experience during these innitial phases, even with new venues we may play in. We promise that if you stay loyal and keep tuning in to us, we will have the technical stuff licked before long and it will be very rewarding for you as a listener.

This free download gift is called A Tale Before Dreamt, and it may or may not make it to the eventual CD release. Go to the Soundcloud page and click the download button under the player. Enjoy!

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