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In It For The Long Haul - A Letter To You

Dear Stratos fans,

It goes without saying that a while might have to pass before a vaccine is found for this outbreak, and we are all freed from our confines. Inherently, this also means an indefinite period before the Stratos Ensemble can attend or perform at physical public events again. There are no rehearsal spaces open, just as there are no venues open, so of course The Stratos Ensemble may not perform or even rehearse our improvised ambient/jazz/spacerock/fusion in public for a while to come either. However, we still have all of our other usual avenues for getting content to you. So, we will continue keeping you in the loop and updated with new content, uploading Stratos productions, recordings and bits from previous performances and sessions, on all/any of our websites, webpages and profiles. We enjoy doing that, and it’s also the least we can do for any supportive fanbase we have managed to earn up to now. You may even start seeing postings from us more often than our current and previous pace, sharing more items of interest than what we would usually share, given this new focus. Either way, we will keep our updated content coming. We appreciate all of you, and will continue to show that. Stay supportive and keep us on your radar. Plenty more Stratos matters are on the way, both rough material and full productions, both related topics and direct topics, both random rehashes and previously unseen/unheard content, coming to a Stratos page near you. Stay tuned, and thank you all. 🙏✊

(Image taken from video projections during one of our last multimedia concerts - live at the E Spot Lounge.)

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