Video Of Our Latest Clear Lake Session Up

March 26, 2018

The video of our last recording session at Clear Lake Studios is up and ready to view on Youtube. Below is Dean De Benedictis' entry for his own walls, describing it. 


OK folks thanks for waiting. The video of the Stratos Ensemble live at Clear Lake Studios, Feb 2018, is up and ready to view bellow. I appreciate your patience. To refresh your memory, this is the session we played last month, which I tried to broadcast live on Facebook. I cut this video together in an attempt to make up for botching the broadcast. It just took me a little longer than expected (lol). The session featured some newer members, such as Shaunte Palmer, who plays for Kamasi Washington, and Maury Baker, who was Janis Joplin’s drummer. It was a special but casual / impromptu / low-key improv session (hence the title). Nothing postured; no big lights, snazzy outfits or pageantry. Just the music. But as chill as it was, it was still exciting for us. 


drums - Maury Baker

trombone - Shaunte Palmer
guitar - Brandon McGregor
percussion - Perry Lopez
bass - Mick Stevens
keyboards, piano and electronics - Dean De Benedictis



For anyone new to our music: it is intended a little more for mood and flow than as something to dazzle audiences with. But the music is all %100 improvised, so musicianship is still a part of what we do. 


To additionally download the music from this video, go to the following Soundcloud link and/or photo below this paragraph. Our live set is available there for free until further notice. It's also in it's full form there, even more than in this video, due to editing. But I recommend watching the video first.





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