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Stratos Blog Resolve, And Vintage Coco Video

We have decided to start posting anything that is Stratos Ensemble related to our blog. This will occasionally include works by other artists and bands who have worked with or played with us before, even though we will also maintain a priority of posting our own work. The purpose of many of these posts is so our audience can get a broader understanding of the entire Stratos Ensemble's dimension, so to speak.

In this post, we are featuring an old performance by keyboard hero Kit Watkins in 1981, who at that time worked with our drummer Coco Roussel, also seen in the video. Stratos leader Dean De Benedictis was heavily influenced by Kit Watkins, and thus his drummer Coco Roussel. Dean has begun restoring (aside from the unavoidable hum) and posting pieces from this vintage performance. Watch them to get an idea of the greatness and excellence these musicians represented during that time, and the origins of our drummer Coco Roussel.

There are 3 live pieces on Youtube so far:

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