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The Death Of One Of Our Music Heroes

A note from Stratos leader Dean De Benedictis:

There are roughly 5 musicians who are early electronic and electric jazz innovators, and who are greatly responsible for The Stratos Ensemble's overall approach and sound. One of those musicians is guitar and guitar-synth legend Allan Holdsworth. Allan Holdsworth (and keyboardist Kit Watkins) had the biggest influence on my own playing and composing ability (others for electronic music and post production technique). There are at least two other players in our band who feel the same way. I am greatly saddened at the news of Allan Holdsworth's passing. This is a major loss for the music world, and for me personally. As a soloist, Allan had a complex understanding of music, debatably the likes of which we haven't seen since John Coltrane. Not only did he reinvent electric guitar technique, he also reinvented synth playing by use of his synthaxe (synth guitar), a phenomenon that changed how some keyboard players approach their synths as well, including myself. On top of this, Allan's ability to emote deeply through his complex playing created his own signature form of jazz/classical music, and it's profound moments have been recorded and captured many times over. RIP, Allan Holdsworth. The last sliver of deep twilight will always make me think of your music, and of you.

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