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Something To Tide Over Our Patient Kids

While mixing and finishing new music, Dean managed to crank out another full set.

So, here is a lot more of our improvised-ambient-modern-jazz, an offering to you, our loyal and patient fans. The link is at the bottom.

More details:

This is a session we recorded at 4th Street Studios in February. That last free-gift track we posted on SoundCloud (“AI/Travels For Love” etc) was also from the same session. So, that peice is now taken down and the full set is there in its place. It may switch back at some point.

The Fateless Flows Soundcloud page has also been changed to include The Stratos Ensemble in the title now, and make our branding a little clearer on that page. This band is essentially the most active remaining member of the Fateless Flows brand, so the current title is a natural progression.

Our new 4th Street set is currently available for free download, but that may change soon. The set may also come down permanently if not indefinitely at some point, possibly even at the end of May--this month. Dean says a couple of pieces on there will probably make it to our next album, but the rest is still in question for use. So, enjoy it while it’s there!

The link to the set is below. More later.

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