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A Download Gift From The Stratos Ensemble

Thank you for joining us during our radio gig last night on KXLU in Los Angeles.

It seems that some of you expressed confusion about the performance because it sounded so experimental. It's true, we don't usually sound quite so experimental, but sometimes this happens when a band is missing a member. Last night on the radio we had to perform without our bass player, because he had a last-minute emergency, so we believe the performance came out fine under the circumstances. However, we assure you that all of the band's members will indeed be appearing for the show at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro this Saturday, and we will likely sound less experimental as a result.

In the meantime, to remind you how we usually sound, below is a little gift, a link to a free-download track. The track is a long clip from our up-and-coming album "Accident At Clearlake." It's a high quality mp3 file.

The image used for this free track is by digital artist Ellen Jantzen:

And, for those who who liked last night's performance, or who missed it and still want to check it out, at the following link you can hear it along with the computer animation that digital artist J-Walt performed during the last 20 minutes of the set. That video feed is permanently archived on Youtube. Note: you may have to turn the volume of your computer or sound system pretty far up up because the audio for the show was recorded quite low.

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